The cornerstone of forage on many working farms; Legume-Grass hay provides palatable protein through a combination of high yield and high nutritional density. Maple River Farm strives to provide the highest quality of hay possible to our horses and our customers with attention to harvest, curing, storage and transportation of forage to maintain its max integrity. Our current hay plantings are Kingfisher OR24 Alflafa/Dolina Timothy and Kingfisher OR24 Alfalfa Winnetou/ Richmand/Comtel Timothy (Please see Feed Analysis Reports for specific dietary content of successive cuttings). Always stored covered.

Suitable for working and performance horses, lactating mares, foals, weanlings and yearlings; also mixed animal feed, mulch and nutrient dense composting material. Please remember animals are individuals and vary greatly in their requirements for feed; most important is to meet an animal’s particular needs with a balanced diet containing the fuel and nutrients they require in an amount of feed they can safely consume.